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3 Weeks Post Op... I Really Miss Working Out!

After three weeks, I'm realizing how much I miss working out. The first week or so, I thought of it as a much needed vacation from the daily grind. Now I worry about losing muscle mass.

I still have one drain in and that's part of the reason I haven't gone to the gm yet. I hate the thought of working out with a drain. The drain will supposedly be taken out on Saturday. It was originally going to come out this past Tuesday but the fluid output ended up increasing again. The output needs to be at a certain threshold before it can safely be removed. This way, I can avoid fluid buildup in the belly.

The doctor had his assistant inject some alcohol into the tube that's connected to the drain. The alcohol is supposed to settle things down in my belly and hopefully help speed up the process. The alcohol was supposed to burn but I didn't feel it... that was a relief! After the alcohol remained in my belly for 20 minutes, they drained the alcohol. It seemed to make a difference as the output has been much less today.

I am getting around, going into stores, even returned to work this week. I feel great just really want the drain out... did I mention that already? :).

As you might have guessed, I'm trying to show how eating a whole food plant based diet helps me heal at a quicker rate. I think I'm proving that based on the latest picture I took of my incision. I feel like it's coming along nicely. If you review my picture from last week, the incision line was much more obvious.

The swelling in the picture is normal. The doctor says it takes a few months for all of the swelling to go away. I just have to be patient, which I think I have been during this whole process!

Anyway, I'm improving everyday! I love my doctor's enthusiasm, as he told me I'm going to be so happy with the results in a few months.

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