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What Motivates Me To Exercise 5 Days A Week?

It's not easy to workout five days a week, but I've been doing this for a while now. You might wonder what motivates me to keep going...

It's my belly. Yes, that ugly loose skin around my abs that still hasn't tightened. I know it's a losing battle but looking at my abs (the lack of a 6 pack after four years of sustained weight loss), it gets me to work hard.

The loose skin around my arms has tightened considerably with the muscle. I still have a way to go with the chest... I need more muscle in that area, but I'm slowly getting there.

I sometimes wonder if I would ever do a tummy tuck... the only guaranteed way to get rid of the loose skin. Who knows, if I ever came into extra money and I got brave enough to do surgery... But surgery scares me. I'm lucky enough to be healthy and tummy tucks seem like such an invasive surgery. I don't know if I could ever bring myself to do it.

But what if my abs actually tightened after I lost the weight four and a half years ago... would I have worked as hard? Probably not. But then again, my friends at the gym motivate me too. There are so many inspiring people that are doing aa lot, working as hard as I am doing exercise classes, lifting weights, etc.

Here are some updated photos. I'm still plant based... and it's now 8 months. I haven't craved or missed meat since going plant based and still feel great with iots of energy. I must considering I stick with the schedule I have!

NYC Veg Food Festival... A Great Time With Awesome...
I Guess No Meat Really Isn't A Problem!

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