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I Guess No Meat Really Isn't A Problem!

It's nearly 7 months for me as a completely plant based athlete. During this time, I've been working out hard, 5 days a week and have been seeing results. It may not be as fast as I like, but I do see progress each week.

I never would have believed years ago that muscle building could be possible without meat. After all, nearly everyone I encounter eats animal products, and some use whey protein powder. But I discovered there are many athletes out there proving that "No Meat is No Problem"... people like Robert Cheeke, the first vegan bodybuilder that I read about.

I've said it before; I never thought I would last as a plant based eater, but I don't miss the meat. My body doesn't miss the meat either. My iron is healthy, my cholesterol is healthy, my blood pressure is healthy and I'm building muscle.

I really appreciate the pioneers of vegan bodybuilders out there who prove to the world that no meat is no problem. Eventually, I hope to see more vegan athletes at the gym.

Here's some updated picture of my arms. I definitely feel like I'm getting results and I hope you'll agree.

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