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I Accomplished My Goal... 200 Crunches Done Today!

I've been building up to 200 crunches. I was doing the Greater Waterbury YMCA ab challenge last month and the last day of the challenge stopped at 160 crunches. I thought to myself,, I'd like to do an even 200 of them. So I kept going, increasing 5 per day until I reached 200 today.

In addition, I'm doing their other ab challenge, a planking challenge. It's five different kinds of planks, increasing by 5 seconds each day. There's only 2 days left of this challenge. Today, I held the planks for 50 seconds each.

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Another Challenge Done... Another Challenge Begins...

I just completed the Greater Waterbury YMCA ab challenge, a 30 day challenge where you increase the number of crunches, leg raises and planks by increments of 5. The last day of the challenge meant I had to do 160 crunches, 64 leg raises and a 2 minute, 35 second plank! As you can imagine, it was not easy.

So was it worth it? Definitely! My abs feel a lot tighter, despite having a pouch of loose skin. I can see some muscle there, so I know my abs are strong. I never imagined being able to do this many crunches, but that's the purpose of these challenges, to accomplish goals and increase your fitness level.

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Muscle Update... Getting Stronger!

I'm back in my workout routine completely, after suffering from tendinitis last month. It really slowed progression as my body fat remained virtually the same as the previous time it was checked.

But after a few weeks of working out my arms again, I notice that I am getting stronger again. When I had the tendinitis, I avoided any kind of arm exercise, and I couldn't do any chest press, etc. I am happy I waited until I was completely healed before I returned to my normal workout routine.

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The Next Challenge... 30 Day Ab Challenge

I am on the 6th day of a new challenge... 30 days of ab exercises. I saw a 30 day challenge posted at the Waterbury YMCA and thought I would give it a try.

The challenge includes crunches, leg raises and planks. Leg raises are my least favorite exercise but I'm doing them anyway! The number of exercises increases everyday, until the last day of the challenge, when I would need to do 160 crunches, 64 leg raises and 255 second plank. I'll take it one day at a time as it's too overwhelming to think of how many I'll need to do by then.

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50 Push-Ups Done! Working Toward My Goal...

I had a few set backs when I first set out to do the push-up challenge last December. First, I had a lower back pain from doing dead lifts in too much of a hurry. That lasted for about a week or two. Then I got a stomach bug, which knocked out another 5 days or so. Finally, last week I had golfer's tendinitis, an extremely painful condition where I couldn't move my arm without pain for a few days.

I rested my arm and it was getting better each day. I still continued to workout my legs, did the treadmill, ran the track, etc. I avoided any upper body workout for about a week. I slowly got back into it earlier this week. By yesterday, I was able to really get into the upper body workouts again. In fact, I was finally able to accomplish my goal of 50 push-ups! It may be a month later than I planned, but I got through it!

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