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Potato Challenge Complete! Here’s What I Learned...

I didn’t do the typical potato challenge, spearheaded by my friend Andrew “Spud Fit” Taylor. I did a modified version that also included all the GBOMBS foods (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds) from Dr. Fuhrman’s list. The reason is because I have eaten Dr. Fuhrman’s suggested foods since 2012, and I couldn’t imagine going a month without them. Plus, I know Fuhrman’s plan will keep me in optimal health.

So why did I bother with the potato challenge? Well, one reason is the diet always intrigued me. People have the incorrect idea that potatoes should be avoided because of their carbohydrate content. I think the challenge proves otherwise. I also did the challenge because I wanted to explore other kinds of potatoes. I always liked them so why not explore what other options are out there? It would also allow simplicity. This way, I don’t have to think about what foods I’µ going to eat. I just know it will be either a potato or one of the GBOMBS foods.

One thing I discovered a few days into the challenge was that my energy was through the roof. I wasn’t running like I was prior to the pandemic before doing this challenge. During the challenge, I’ve been increasing my running speed not he treadmill. I’ve been doing the stair stepper for 30 minutes. I’◊e been doing my strength training at 5 days a week.

I always made sure I got my 10,000 steps minimum everyday after the pandemic started. But the thing was, I wasn’t getting a good cardio workout, kind of slacking for a few weeks prior to the challenge. The energy was awesome.

I discovered a lot of new potatoes that I love. I tried everything from jicama to rutabaga, purple potatoes to jewel potatoes, White sweet potatoes, regular orange sweet potatoes, Garnet sweet potatoes to honey golden potatoes. Whenever I posted about the honey golden potatoes, a few vegans kind of went crazy, thinking I was having honey. No, it is the name of the potato, no honey was used! My favorite potatoes are the purple potatoes, the purple sweet potatoes and my absolute favorite, Japanese Sweet Potatoes!

I ate Japanese sweet potatoes a few times a week ever since I tried them a few years ago. I tell all my friends about them. To me, they taste like cake. It’s like a cheat food without the cheating.

I had potatoes in some form for all three meals, that was my rule. I never got sick of the food either. However, I do admit that I miss my steel cut oats every morning. I can’t wait to have them again. I also miss the healthy fats from almond butter and avocado. I sort of did a cleanse as I think at times I eat too much fat. I will be happy to start eating those foods again.

You might be wondering if it was worth it. I definitely think it was. I always enjoy challenges. For my next challenge sometime, I’m thinking of either doing a fruitarian or raw food challenge. I already did raw a few years ago and loved it. The fruitarian plan might be interesting to try for a week, but I don’† know about a while month. I’ll keep you posted!


It Wasn’t My Intention, But I Did Lose A Little We...
My GBOMBS Potato Challenge

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