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Personal Training Update: My Arms Are Getting Stronger!

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0142-1.jpgI met with my trainer today and he told me that my arms look more defined today and that my triceps are coming along nicely. This made my day as I have been working so hard!

He kept the workout the same… 4 sets of 10 reps each exercise. It's a tough workout but I seem to be getting results! My legs are super strong now. Some of the exercises for my legs include split squats. This took a couple weeks to get the form right but I got it down now! I'm also doing the leg press (single leg, a much tougher workout, at least for me) and squats using the smith machine.

He reviewed my triceps exercises, including the kickback, as I thought I wasn't doing them right. He told me I had the correct form, so I'll keep working at it!

He told me to continue to eat clean as my body fat percentage still needs to come down. I'll continue to eat right as I don't crave the junk food anyway. I think all the healthy foods keep the cravings away. I'm still eating plenty of protein rich foods as I try to build muscle.

It's not easy to get all the workouts in as I need to do each muscle group a couple times a week. I can't get my workouts in on Saturdays at the moment because of the personal training class I'm taking. This makes the workouts longer as I do two day workouts in one day.

I'm still waiting for flat abs but that should happen when my body fat percentage reaches a certain point. I'll keep working hard as I do feel a lot stronger!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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