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In Support Of Telemedicine

StethoscopeThis year, I decided I wanted a plant based doctor. I felt like my previous doctor didn’t understand my diet and I wanted someone who appreciated the way I eat. Also, my doctor never ordered tests to check my B12 and D3 levels, something which I was always curious about.

I researched online and came across Dr. Scott Harrington, a plant based doctor out of Florida. Due to COVID, he had licenses in multiple states, including the state of Connecticut. I decided to go for a telemedicine doctor and I’m so glad I did. Although I won’t be able to keep Dr. Harrington as my primary (he loses his license for the state of Connecticut after the pandemic ends). I decided to keep the primary I have for now, but am so glad I still was able to do an appointment with Dr. Harrington. He was able to order the tests I’ve been curious about ever since going vegan!

I’m relieved that I had the tests done. I now know that B12 and D3 are not an issue. It was always something that was in the back of my mind ever since going vegan, awesome to now know that I am supplementing enough B12 and D3 that I don’t need to worry so much.

During my appointment with Dr. Harrington, he took the time to talk for an hour. He is very thorough and discusses any health concerns you have. As long as you check your vitals beforehand, he can go through those numbers as well. I checked my temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc., prior to meeting with him. There are devices you can purchase that will send images to the doctor during the appointment, but because my insurance didn’t cover it, I did’t bother.

He talked about my knee injury, any concerns I had and he was very focused. He gave me more time than the typical brick and mortar doctor!

Although as I said earlier, I kept my previous primary for now, I do intend to stick with telemedicine appointments. It’s the way medicine is heading. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting sick from the germs of other people in the waiting room. This way, if you’re like me, you can finally have a plant based doctor on your side!

Check out a recent Interview I did with Dr. Harrington with my friend Terry Gleason. If you want further information, you can go to his website at

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