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Could I Have Gained Weight? It's All Part of the Strength Training!

b2ap3_thumbnail_86527322.jpgThe strength training is going well, but I got kind of nervous when I stepped on the scale the other day. I've gained like 5 pounds, but from what I've been reading, and judging from what others have been telling me, it's supposed to go up some when lifting weights.

I think I'm not going to weight myself but maybe once a week. No need to concern myself over the numbers, as long as my clothes fit!

I wrote about it before, but it's a tough transition from mostly cardio to weights. I miss my cardio workout, having cut down to 15 minutes, and only 5 minutes on days of strength training. I'm listening to the trainer, as he thinks by using the treadmill for longer, my body would still think it needs to lose more weight and muscle building would be difficult.

I was never able to do push ups properly, but with this training, they have improved a lot! I do a combination of modified pushup and traditional, as best I can.

The good news is I think I'm seeing results! It's a lot of work but I eat clean and feel like I'm getting stronger. I know it takes time, but I really do think my belly is flattening! Maybe the 6 pack abs this summer is a possibility! I'll keep working on it!

Just a qui...
Getting Stronger! Personal Training Going Well!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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