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Update On The Fitness Challenge…You CAN Do IT!

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0451-1.jpgDuring the first week of the challenge, things have been going along nicely. My weight is the same, which is what I want, but my body fat percentage is going down! I'm almost in the teens when the trainer used the calipers on my body fat! So I'm slowly getting it down but it's a long process.

I also was able to finally check on my activity during the past week. The FitKik Pebble we use keeps track of all activity, but you can't really monitor the activity live. Once last week's info was uploaded at the YMCA kiosk, I saw that I met my personal goals… I still get 10,000 steps a day! This tells me that I'm more than active enough. I hope my other team mates did well too!

We each have to meet with the trainer for an hour session. The trainer tried an exercise I was never good at in the past. He had me doing jumping jacks today. To my surprise, I think I finally have a handle on how to do them properly. The personal trainer is an awesome instructor. He has you doing exercises you'd never ever think you could do. A while back, he had me doing step exercises using a bench. Every other trainer I've had in the past failed at getting me to do this exercise priorly. This trainer actually had me doing the step exercise and the amazing thing is that I did it in proper form. I'm also almost able to do a push up properly. It's amazing what you are able to do when you have a personal trainer directing you on the proper way to exercise.

b2ap3_thumbnail_photo.JPGI'm hoping my other team mates will post their updates as we go along. Chris and Matt have sent their photo and I'm posting mine as well. When I have Ryan and Lisa's pictures, I will post them as well. It would be cool to see if there's a difference from the start of the challenge to the end of the challenge.

We have some activities that we can attend at the YMCA, such as a kickball game, scavenger hunt, etc. Hopefully, my team will be able to make these sessions and one of us can update on the progress. I think my team has a good chance of winning this challenge!


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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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