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The Higher Price of Organic Food

The Higher Price of Organic Food

Americans should eat healthier, that's a given. But for all the many good reasons there are to eat healthy, many of the low income families cannot afford the better foods.

Take organic food as an example. Why is organic food twice as expensive as the regular counterpart? It seems like they should actually be cheaper than the "bad" non-organic food because the farmers aren't using the pesticides on the organic foods. Pesticides must cost money, right? So, it got me curious, why would the non-organic food cost less?

There are certain foods that you must buy organic. Apples are one example, and spinach is another. Shouldn't certain foods that contain way too many pesticides have a lower priced organic version? I wonder if the FDA should ban all food considered the dirty dozen of produce (the 12 foods that contain the most pesticides) and only sell the organic versions of them. Also, maybe they could cut back on the amount of pesticides for the dirty dozen?

Dr. Oz had a show on the importance of organic foods and it really opened my eyes. I hope they will try to cut back on the pesticides to keep us healthier.

Another problem about eating healthy is that all the unhealthy food seem to be cheaper. Take a look at McDonald's and their dollar menu. Anything that might be considered healthier is a lot pricier.

Of course the foods prices aren't all to blame for the obesity epidemic. People should avoid buying the sodas and chips. Go with water instead of soda and you'll save money there.

What are your thoughts on organic foods? Do you buy exclusively organic or do you occasionally buy it?

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Monday, June 17, 2019

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