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Tell Me... Do You See Any Loose Skin?

I've been focusing for months on the loose skin around my abs. It has really motivated me to work extra hard, which is why I'm developing muscle now. If it weren't for the loose skin, I don't think I would have been working as hard as I was, so I guess it's not so bad to have the loose skin. But still, that being said, I still want a flat stomach!

I'm just glad to know that no one can tell I have loose skin. As long as I'm not at the beach, I look like I have a flat stomach with my shirt on. In fact, people often tell me, "what am I, crazy there's no loose skin"! Underneath the clothing, the flabbiness hides very well!

So, my focus is still to tighten up, but now that I'm hitting the weights, I like how I'm getting more muscle. I told my trainer today, I want to continue the muscle development, regardless of whether my abs decide to tighten or not. The workouts are making me feel stronger and I'm getting a lot more definition. Maybe someday I'll consider doing something about my skin if this doesn't tighten as I continue with the training. But for now, I'm liking the transformation as I do the strength training!


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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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