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Body Fat Percentage Done At SCSU

Body Fat Percentage Done At SCSU

I decided to try the hydrostatic scale that's offered at Southern Connecticut State University, in their Human Performance Lab. The hydrostatic scale is used to check your weight and how much of the weight is fat versus muscle. In addition, since I was there, I had them do a caliper test for my body fat.

The students that run the lab were very professional and I highly recommend those that want to have their body composition measured to check out SCSU's lab. The two grad students both provided thorough instructions, especially when it came to the hydrostatic scale. This scale requires you to blow out all the air from your lungs, until there's no air left, underneath the water. I didn't care for the test but the technicians were very helpful along the way.

For the caliper test, they performed skin fold test on 7 different points on my body. I am very confident of the accuracy of this test as they checked each area of my body three times. It took longer than the usual 3-site skinfold caliper test my trainer usually does.

So what was the final result? For the hydrostatic scale, I'd rather not bother sharing the results. I don't think it was as accurate as the caliper test, and the technician even explained to me that those who do cardio tend to test higher with that test.

So how'd I do with the caliper test? I found out I'm 13.35 percent body fat! I am 198 pounds, 26 of which is the weight of my body fat. My lean body weight is 171.56. This mean I'm almost there at my goal of 10 percent.

I also found out through my trainer today, that any of the weight that I've lost over the past 6 months was all fat, none of it was muscle. My muscle mass has been increasing, which is an awesome thing. My abs have tightened quite a bit too, and judging from the pictures I see online, there is a big difference in someone's body appearance at 13 percent versus 10 percent. I'm excited to see the results when I reach my goal.

I'm happy with my abs now as they are so much better than they used to be. I'm not looking for perfection so if I'm still left with loose skin, I'm fine with it. Besides, once I'm at the ideal body fat percentage, I'm sure the skin will continue to tighten.

Here's some updated photos so you can see the progress.


TABATA = Good Pain!!
Tell Me... Do You See Any Loose Skin?

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Friday, June 02, 2023

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