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Stop!... Don't "Lose" Weight!... WHAT?!?!?!

That's right don't "lose" weight... Now I know "lose" is "just" a word... But is it?... Can ONE WORD be the secret to weight loss?

While it may be no secret that millions of Americans are struggling to lose weight, the answers to those struggles could be quite simply one word. Lose. One mistake people commonly make is they want to “lose” weight. The intention is good. But the meanings that people subconsciously associate with the word "lose" are not beneficial to successfully keeping the weight off.

So what happens when we lose something? We go find it! If we lose our wallet, keys, cell phone, and even our car in a parking lot, we are programmed to immediately find it. This is how we have been programmed our whole lives to respond whenever we lose something. So subconsciously, when we want to “lose” weight our inner programming is already starting to work on finding this “lost weight” which is why many people commonly regain weight. 

So the interesting inner conversation going on in our minds goes a little something like this.

Conscious Mind: "Hey, I just lost 14 pounds!"

Sub-Conscious Mind: "Oh No! All hands on deck. Get me the cookies, ice cream, chips, soda and a Cinnabon! Lets find that missing weight!"

Then a short time later the Sub-Conscious Mind, always an over achiever, returns and says "Great news!... Not only have I found that 14 pounds you were missing, but I was able to bring you an extra 5!" 

To give another example of the negative association we have with the words lose and loss, if a person were to lose their job, would they feel good about it? Or if someone were to experience a loss in their family, is it celebrated or do they typically experience emotional pain? The words loss and lose still carry the same negative associations in the subconscious mind. There will be a strong resistance even though we may be consciously telling ourselves weight loss is a good thing. People have a lifetime of underlying negativity attached to the words loss and lose so it’s not exactly rocket science to see why so many people struggle to succeed with their weight.

It is amazing how one little word can make a major difference in someone’s long-term success with their weight. This is the primary reason why I call my programs Healthy Living Hypnosis Programs as opposed to weight loss programs. I have seen phenomenal results when I get my clients to remove the words lose and lost from their vocabulary when they are talking about their weight.


So if you want to successfully achieve your goal weight, then “lose” the word lose! Just simply removing the word removes the negative attachment associated with weight issues. Instead replace it with words like reduce and shed. For example “I would like to reduce my weight and feel better”. Or, “I just shed 12 pounds”.  Or "63.7 lbs GONE" as one of my clients messaged me in October and she is still seeing steady, consistent results all from changing ONE word."

So go ahead and throw the word "lose" right out the window and watch the long term results and success start to happen for you!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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