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It's Too Easy To Gain Weight Over The Holidays!

I know many people give up eating healthy over the holidays. There is so much temptation with all the Christmas cookies, egg nog, etc. Plus, all the Christmas parties. I had four of them last week!

So how do you avoid weight gain over the holidays? For me, it's the goal I have of tightening my abs. I know my diet has to be clean in order to achieve this goal. I don't want to let a few days of eating bad set me back for months.

Also, by eating healthy, I'm really not tempted by the junk food anymore. Someone could leave a plate of cookies in front of me and they would still be there the next day. This would not be the case three years ago. But eating every few hours and drinking plenty of water keeps my appetite in check.

For those that do indulge over the holidays, don't despair! Get right back into working out right after Christmas! You can't let a few bad eating days set you back. Also, make sure to balance the junk food with some healthier options too. And drink plenty of water. That will keep you from overindulging!

I wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy, happy new year!

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Monday, June 17, 2019

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