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Don't Lose Too Much Weight! What?

Don't Lose Too Much Weight! What?

I heard this comment again today and it made me crazy thinking about it.

"Don't lose any more weight or you'll waste away…"


I don't know if other people who have lost significant weight have to put up with this comment as much as I do. Many people around town know I had a sister with anorexia, and I think it makes them worry even more.

My previous article mentioned that I've been maintaining my weight  for two years now. I'm not sure how long I have to maintain the weight before people will believe that I'm not trying to lose anymore. It's frustrating to hear because I love food and am not on a "diet". I don't like to say "diet" because it's a lifestyle change. I eat healthy foods, try to avoid processed foods and have the occasional cheat food. I am not obsessing about needing to lose weight or constantly wondering what my weight is going to read.

If anything, I'm trying to bulk up muscle to fill in some of the loose skin. My arms and legs are getting very muscular… not something that would happen if I was just trying to lose weight.

I know there are people who don't know when to quit the dieting and continue to lose weight. The people that continue to lose weight would not have been maintaining their weight for two years, as I've done.

Just as a side note: at 212 pounds and 6'3" tall, my body mass index is about 26.5. According to the BMI, I would actually be considered overweight. I do not believe the chart, as many health professionals have problems with body mass index charts. BMI doesn't take into account your muscle mass. But this is just to show you, I'm not too thin for my height!

It's Too Easy To Gain Weight Over The Holidays!
And Won We Did!

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

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