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Weight Is Lower But It's the Body Fat Percentage That Matters

I've been at 212-215 pounds for so many months now and I'm not trying to lose weight. My personal trainer told me that my weight would most likely go down a few pounds as I try to get my body fat percentage down. He said to expect it to go down maybe 5 pounds or so. He thought my calorie intake was too high and adjusted it so that my body fat could get lower.

My calorie intake was about 3100 calories a day and it is now about 2500 calories. Today I weighed myself and I am lower than I've been in years. I am now 210 pounds. The number made me nervous at first as I don't want to lose weight. But knowing that it's doing what it's supposed to be doing made me relieved.

My trainer will check my body fat percentage in a few weeks. I'm very anxious to see what the numbers are. My abs are flattening. My belly is so much smaller, and the bulge is hardly noticeable with clothes on. I know the abs will tighten when I get the percentage down enough as I am seeing results everyday.

I hope to share some pictures soon, especially of my arms. I've been working hard at the strength training and although the results take time, I think you'll notice the progress.

This is the fittest I've been since college. It's nice to be back at my college weight (even lower) and have the same amount of energy as back then. Of course, my diet is much healthier than back then. I used to eat junk food and late night snacks, but the extreme weight gain came after college. Just wanted to update everyone as some people still worry that I'm trying to lose weight… please realize that it's not the goal. My plan is to get my body fat percentage to a healthy percentage so that will tighten my skin.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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