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Christmas Health Tip # 2 - Use Smaller Plates

We've all heard the phrase “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”. Tip #2 is so simple it’s almost silly, just use a smaller plate. This is a subtle psychological trick that really works because the mind takes the image you receive and interprets it based on a proportional scale and not actual volume. Have you ever looked at a picture and had trouble trying to understand how big an object is? Like seeing a picture of a cruise ship then seeing one in person it’s very hard to understand the actual size based on the photograph.


These examples all work under the same principle that the eyes work off a proportional scale. So in your mind if you see a smaller plate that is full of food your mind will begin to send signals of fullness when that plate is completed.


The other added bonus to this tip is the less room you have on the plate, the less you’ll eat! This is one of my personal favorites that I use around the holidays.

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

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