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Christmas Health Tip # 3 - Love Everyone

The last tip to maintain your waistline over the Christmas holiday doesn't even have to do with food or water. Love Everyone. Here is an extremely common occurrence for a lot of people. Food = Love. Right away its easy to assume I am talking about the person eating the food but it also includes the person preparing the meal.


We all have it in us to be caring, generous and want to provide for the people we love. One of the hardships for people who are trying to eat healthier is they feel they have to eat all of the food that is offered to them. They hear something similar to “I made this food and you’re not going to eat it?”, “You can’t let this food go to waste” and “I worked all day to cook this and you don't want any?” In those examples the person who is preparing the meal is not so much upset about the choice to decline the food they actually feel a lack of love. As a provider they feel the best way to show love is to nourish and provide food for you therefore, if you don’t accept the food you are rejecting their love.


So in cases like that simply saying “No thank you” isn't good enough. When you choose to decline the food, return the love back to them. Let the provider know you love them and their generosity. Lastly, thank them and let them know you appreciate all the hard work they put into preparing this meal.


“The healthiest of all human emotions is gratitude” - Zig Ziglar


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!


Enjoy the Holiday Season!
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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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