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Healthier Ways To Order Fast Food

Healthier Ways To Order Fast Food

I was at McDonald's today, not to order food but to get unsweetened iced tea, an excellent value and tastes good in my opinion. I have my own stevia packets in the car as opposed to sweetening it with Equal or Splenda. Anyway, whenever I'm there, it drives me crazy some of the choices people make when ordering there. I don't say anything to them, but it does give me good incentive to blog about how to make healthier choices. Here's an example.

A woman in front of me was ordering a cheddar something or other burger and asked if tomatoes are extra. The worker told her it would be 30 cents more so she didn't bother getting the tomato with it. She decided to save her money and go for... KETCHUP instead! Now how many of you would think that ketchup is the same as having a slice of tomato? I hope most of you will realize that ketchup is mostly high fructose corn syrup and like 30 other ingredients, very little tomato. It is not a healthy alternative.

Another deceiving item at McDonald's or any other fast food restaurant are the side salads. It could be a very healthy choice... but then so many people will use the packets of dressings and croutons which will ruin any benefit they might have from the salad. They may have the best intentions, but some of the condiments are worse than the food!

Here's another thing I see all the time, especially with kids. Fast food places often have self serve areas for drinks. If you eat in the restaurants, many of them even offer free refills. This can be very dangerous. Many people do not give thought as to how much sugar they are consuming just from their drinks alone. The kids are tempted to mix the sodas. They think that they're coming up with the greatest inventions by mixing certain sodas together. The sodas add so many unnecessary calories that could be saved for more nutritious choices. The self serve sodas obviously save time for the workers and customers but it offers way too much temptation for those looking to get their sugar fix.

If you must eat fast food, remember to choose wisely. Maybe go for the wraps instead of the sandwiches (some of the breads have like 30 ingredients in them!). Remember to get grilled chicken as opposed to fried. Order the kids meals with apple slices and milk as opposed to fries and soda. All these changes still won't mean you're getting the healthiest meal, but at least it's not as damaging as it could be by not choosing wisely.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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