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Bridgeport In The Top Five Healthiest Cities List

Bridgeport In The Top Five Healthiest Cities List

Yes, it's true, Bridgeport was chosen the fifth healthiest city in the US, according to I have nothing against Bridgeport, I work in CT's largest city, after all, but still, I'm surprised it made number 5.

According to the livability website, to be considered, "These cities provide residents with exercise opportunities, good food choices and strong support networks." When I think of healthiest city in CT, the first city that would come to mind would be New Haven. Why? Because New Haven is home to Yale University and has some of the top doctors in the state. I would also think of towns like Farmington and Simsbury.

There must be something to the list though. I didn't start to lose weight until I worked in Bridgeport. There are a lot of places to walk in Bridgeport. It's called "Park City" for a reason. The Beardsley Park, the harbor yard, by the beach, there are many places to walk. There are also farmer's markets, and a ball park that hosts the Bluefish baseball team. Plus, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council hosts a walking competition every fall for area businesses.

But it's hard to single out a single city or town in Connecticut. If you look at some of the other cities and towns, Torrington has a bike and walking trail that goes all the way to Winsted, which I believe is about 10 miles. Simsbury hosts an annual triathalon each May. I'm sure you can think of some other cities and towns that should be on the list.

I'd like to hear some feedback from our readers on whether you agree with this list or not. If you don't, what city or town in CT should be there instead? Connecticut is one of the healthiest states, so I'm sure there will be a variety of different opinions. Congratulations to Bridgeport for making number 5 on the national list. Connecticut, let's keep making the list and show the nation just how healthy our state really can be!

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Friday, September 18, 2020

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