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Fitness Commitment Challenge Update: Week 2

I haven't heard any updates from my team mates this week but hopefully they're doing well.

I'm on vacation this week on my way to Virginia but thought I would update about my challenge.

I'm still doing the strength training six days a week, different muscle groups each day. I got a lot of cardio this week. I was in New York City today. If you're ever looking for a good way to get a lot of steps in, you have to come to New York! Instead of taking a taxi, I walk everywhere!

I also stopped by the Vanderbilt YMCA and the Whole Foods Market there. By the time I made the train, I was exhausted.

I'm planning on going to Viirginia Beach , so I'll post some pictures from there soon!

I hope we'll hear from my team mates soon!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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