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Don't Waste Your Calories On Soda!

A glass of sodaSoda is one of most wasted calories you can have. Americans get far too many calories as it is, but drinking soda only adds unnecessary calories that you don't need.

Think about it, why have a 300 calorie soda when you can have a flavored water and save yourself some calories. Of couse diet soda is better than regular, but still soda is not good for you. Research shows that diet soda drinkers waistline grew 70 percent more than non soda drinkers. If you're trying to lose weight, why risk it by drinking soda?

I was a big soda drinker for years. It was only last year that I decided to give it up. My teeth are better too... the dental hygienist noticed the improvement during my last cleaning. If you are worried about yellowing teeth or your enamel is breaking away, it's another reason to give up soda.

You might be wondering how I gave up soda. I substituted soda with unsweetened iced tea. Tea has antioxidants and is good for you. Plus it's low in calories! I can't tell you what to substitute soda with, that's your personal preference. Just do yourself a favor... make sure it's healthy and low in calories!

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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