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An Interview With Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

I've been inspired by Eric Adams work for a few years now. He successfully reversed his diabetes, helped his mother reverse her diabetes, both with a plant based diet. He transformed the New York City public schools to include Meatless Mondays and recently helped to eliminate processed meats from the school menu.

I heard Eric speak at a few events in New York. He is so awesome to hear in person. His story is quite impressive and will hopefully inspire those that are diabetic or sick with other diet related illnesses to change.

In many ways, Eric's story reminds me of my story. I changed when I found out about my hypertension. He didn't want to depend on medication for the rest of his life; I have the same attitude. He researched what would "cure" his diabetes much the same way I did for hypertension. This is why I wanted to interview him.

I hope the readers of this website will be equally inspired by Eric's story!


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