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Update: Loose Skin After Weightloss

Update: Loose Skin After Weightloss

As I indicated in a previous post, I went to see a doctor about the loose skin after my weight loss. Just to remind you, after the weight loss, I was still left with a lot of skin in my belly area.

The doctor confirmed what I already thought... that I didn't need to lose any more weight. My body fat percentage is around 19 (it fluctuates up and down but it's around there) and my BMI is a little over 25. He thought this was perfect for my height. The subcutaneous fat that is still in my stomach won't go away with exercise or strength training. He recommended a process called Lipo-Light, a process where wavelengths trigger the body's own ability to break down fat. The body then releases fatty acids that are used by the body during exercise.

The doctor explained that my abs will never be completely flat unless I do a tummy tuck (no way would I ever do that). However, this will get rid of the stubborn fat. I'm hoping the skin will continue to tighten with the strength training after the procedure. It takes 9 treatments, twice a week for a little over a month. As long as it's not surgery, I'm more than happy to give it a try!

One interesting thing... as you all must know by now, I don't believe in gastric bypass or any surgery that reduces body fat. I bring this up because the doctor felt exactly the same way about it. I didn't even bring it up... he started to talk about it on his own. These types of surgeries can do more harm than good and many times, people gain the weight back. Please note that if you had the surgery, I'm not putting you down, and I hope it worked out for you. But for those thinking of having it done, please try diet and exercise first. I'm living proof, along with many others, that you don't need surgery to lose weight.

Back to the Lipo-Light discussion. The only drawback is that I'm not allowed any nuts except almonds. I'm always eating pecans, pistachios, etc. Also, caffeine isn't allowed, which isn't a problem for me.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

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