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Plant Based for Almost a Year!

Almost 11 months ago, I went plant based, just as a challenge. The last time I ate poultry was September 6th. I never imagined that I would stay with this eating plan but discovered how awesome it felt to eat this way. I have a lot of energy and my muscle continues to grow. I can't think of the last time I had a cold either.

Growing up, I never went a day without eating something from an animal, whether it be dairy, meat or eggs. Every day I would consume either eggs, cheese, steak, chicken or any combination of these foods. I ate very few vegetables and not enough fruit.

In my twenties, I gained a lot of weight from these foods and from processed foods like candy bars and ice cream. Although I lost weight before going plant based, I was flexitarian (occasional animal products each week). I also started to eat lots of fruits and vegetables when I started to lose the weight. This set the stage for my plant based eating.

Do I ever plan on going back to eating animal products, you might ask? No, because for one thing I feel great. But another reason is my compassion increased since going plant based (I might as well say I'm vegan too) as I could never imagine harming an axial for food or clothing. To think, I never gave animal welfare a thought when I ate them, but now, after watching videos on what factory farming is like... I'm so glad I'm not eating those foods.

Here's a recent picture to show my progress with the muscle building since going plant based. I never grew as much muscle when eating animal products. I guess there really is enough protein in plants!

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