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Healthy Foods Really Do Make A Difference

Over 5 years ago, I ate so bad. I would exercise but get absolutely nowhere. I consumed so many processed foods that I'm surprised I didn't get full-blown diabetes. But that just goes to show how the body can heal itself.

I never realized how important healthier foods choices were back then. Finishing off a half gallon of ice cream in two days, you can see I was on the wrong track. It took pre-hypertension to wake me up. No way was I going to rely on meds!

I am so grateful that I chose a plant based approach. The health benefits are unbelievable! But it wouldn't be sustainable if the food didn't taste good. That's what I've discovered. Whole plant foods taste far better than any processed foods I ate and much more satisfying.

The proof is in the attached picture! Food really does make a big difference!

A Healthy Plant Based Approach
Six Months Since Going Plant Based!

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