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Had My Physical Today

I never take my health for granted. Just seven short years ago I was morbidly obese, pre-hypertensive and most likely pre-diabetic.

So when I hear lines like this is the best cholesterol readings my doctor has seen or that I'll most likely never develop diabetes (unless I were to suddenly revert to my old habits), I feel so happy.

Diabetes runs in my family for sure. It is seen on both my father and mother's families. This was the one illness I was always worried about getting when I was obese. It's the reason I avoided going to the doctor all those years. So it feels awesome to hear that I am avoiding it so far. Even though I'm whole food plant based, there's still that thought what if I were to get the disease. I should be more confident going to the doctor. But now, I definitely have more confidence hearing his report!

When I think of my health 7 years ago, I think of a guy who could barely make it up the stairs at work. I think of the guy who would get nerve pain in his feet all of a sudden and it would take forever for the pain to go away. I think of the guy who would stand from his desk after 7 hours of sitting, only to find his legs so stiff he was barely able to move. Or the drive home, where my feet would hurt so bad with certain movements of driving.

Health is never something to take for granted. That's why I stick to my eating plan. I feel great and I'm able to workout like never before. I was hardly athletic growing up. Who ever would think that someone who dreaded exercise would be planning a half or whole marathon this year? I never would have guessed it back then!

I am hoping to help more people switch to a plant based diet this year. I think more people would do it if they knew their health problems could get better. And it also keeps the weight off! The doctor was also impressed with my weight! As I build muscle, my weight is around 207, which isn't bad for someone 6'3". I'm hoping some of the weight is muscle as that is still a goal of mine... to build more muscle for my chest to further tighten the skin there.

I hadn't been weighing myself since my abdominoplasty and some of the weight might still be contributed to the swelling there. By the way, the swelling can sometimes last 6 months!

Here's a pic from around 2010 and one from today.

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