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Body Fat Percentage Update

Body Fat Percentage Update

I've been so busy with the challenges and personal training class that I haven't had a chance to update the status of my body fat percentage.

My trainer did take measurements with the calipers. I did the calculations and it's down from the last time he checked. A few months ago, my percentage was 16.76. When I figured it out the other day, it was down to 15.03! The hard work is really paying off! I feel a lot stronger and my workout is improving, especially with the class I'm taking.

So, this means that I'm getting closer to my goal of 13 percent, which is where my trainer says I should be in order to see a difference in my abs. After all this work, I'd love six pack abs but I'm sure I'll still have some skin. It does looks better now from when I started the training, so getting to 13 percent should make some kind of difference.

The important thing to remember is even without perfect abs, it's awesome to have more strength. Strength training has so many benefits including boosting your energy levels and keeps your body in a calorie burning mode all day long.

The Workouts Are Challenging!
Crazy Busy… But It's Worth It!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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