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Body Fat Percentage Is Now In The Fitness Level!

Body Fat Percentage Is Now In The Fitness Level!

I'm getting closer to my goal of 13% body fat. Today, my trainer figured out what my body fat percentage is. When I first started the training, I believe my percentage was about 23%. I am now 16.76% and that's so awesome to me!

I've gained a lot of muscle, as my weight has been fairly consistent. I did lose about five pounds in the process but that was to be expected. I'm currently at about 215 pounds, which is still up from my lowest in December of 2012 at 212 pounds.

It's been a lot of hard work. It's not easy lowering the body fat percentage. I already have been eating clean, but the trainer has been stressing the importance of extra protein. I get a lot of protein, but the majority of it is plant based. I do have turkey and greek yogurt as well, both high in protein.

The trainer gave me a new set of exercises to do for the next couple weeks. It's intense and he wants me to continue going heavy with the weights. But I am getting strong in the process! I also notice my abs do feel tighter. I'm not going to show new pictures of my abs yet as no one will notice the difference from a few months ago. Also, my arms are getting muscular, but they still got a way to go.

I'll continue to update on the progress, but I'm excited to be in the Fitness range on the body fat percentage chart, according to the following link. The range I plan to eventually be in is the athletic area, but it's a slow process.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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