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Getting Lean... Body Fat Tested Today!

Today, I went to appointment at the Southern Connecticut State University. They've been checking my body fat percentage with a 7 point caliper test and this was my two month update.

I know I've been working hard... 5 days a week, rarely skipping a workout. I am noticing that my arms, chest and legs are getting stronger and my abs look somewhat tighter than a few months ago. I was fairly confident the numbers would be down. And I was right!

Last time, the body fat measured at 13.24 percent. Today, I was measured at 12.69 percent! Awesome! I'm closer than ever to my goal of 10 percent body fat.

So it means I've gained muscle and lost fat. In fact, the woman who measured my body fat told me I lost 5 mm of fat in my abs! I know it might seem like a small number, but that's significant.

My body is 168 pounds of lean weight and 24.49 pounds of fat. Imagine, less that 25 pounds of fat! I lift more than that when I do my arm exercises!

I'll keep working hard but it's a slow process. The woman warned me today that the closer I get to my goal, the longer it takes.

Here's a helpful chart on body types and what people look like at various percentages.

If you are wondering why I'm aiming for 10 percent body fat, my trainer said that's when skin starts to tighten around the abs. We shall see as I get closer to my goal.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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