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Instead Of Just Sitting There And Waiting, I Ran!

Yesterday, my car was getting a tune up. It was rainy, the kind of day most people would not want to be outside. The technician at the car place told me that it might take an hour or an hour and a half.

In the waiting room, the TV was playing the typical political news in the background. Ugh, I'd rather not just sit there and listen. Of course, everyone else was sitting there patiently.

I decided I'd rather run. Now, get this, I did not have my sneakers on, no athletic gear but I made it happen. Yes, the boots slowed me down but it felt good to finally run outside again. This was my first run outside since my knee injury.

I didn't care so much about length of time, as obviously, the conditions were not ideal. But I think I did pretty good, coming in at 4 miles at 46 minutes.

When running outside, you have to take into consideration that there are traffic lights that will slow you down, potholes you have to avoid and crowds that you have to maneuver around. I know my physical therapist wanted me to gradually build up to longer runs. For the most part, I am following directions. Today, I didn't do any running, instead focusing on the stairs and bike.

We don't always have ideal conditions to run. The point of my post is that exercise should play a role in your life, and when you don't think you have time, make sure to walk to the water fountain and stretch your legs, I used to sit for hours without moving and I know the damage that lifestyle can do.

I do believe my healthy plant based diet gives me the energy to exercise 5 days a week. It's not always easy to get it in, but if I was eating the standard American Diet like I used to, I know I would hardly ever move.

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