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Richard Hubbard has traveled a long road to achieve a healthy lifestyle in Torrington, CT. Rich was obese hitting over 345 pounds. He stopped weighing himself after that point so he's not sure how much his heaviest was. At the same time, his sister was suffering from a severe case of anorexia nervosa which eventually claimed her life. Rich wanted to avoid the obesity related illnesses that ran in his family. He has lost over 150 pounds and maintains a healthy weight for his height of 195 pounds.

Shred It Challenge... Week 5 Update Learning A Lot!

I'm loving this challenge so far! Before doing this challenge, I thought that bodybuilders needed so much protein. I always thought protein powders were necessary for growth. And I thought I could build muscle without gaining weight.

I probably gained about 5 or 6 pounds so far, at least from the last time I checked. I know it's all muscle because the body fat stayed the same on the body fat analyzer at the gym. I'm seeing the difference and I feel stronger too. I still want to get larger triceps to fill the skin, but I am getting there!

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Shred It Challenge... Week 4 Update Getting Results!

I am so happy I read the "Shred It" book by Robert Cheeke! I'm getting the kind of results I've been working so hard to get for a long time now. The workout examples he gives are awesome, and he explains the importance of getting enough food, healthy plant-based foods.

A lot of bodybuilders could benefit from this book. So many people overload their systems with protein powders and extra meat just to fill up with extra protein. It took me by surprise that the human body needs about 5-10 percent protein. The fact that he built muscle on this diet was enough proof for me.

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Shred It Challenge... Week 3 Update Muscle Growth!

I just finished week 3 of the Shred It vegan muscle building challenge. This is based on the Shred It book by Robert Cheeke.

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Shred It... A 13 Week Challenge

I am still working on my pull-ups, but that challenge will coincide with a 13 week challenge that I started last week for Shred It.

Shred It is the name of Robert Cheeke's book and companion workout journal. Cheeke is a whole food, plant based body builder who proves that you can build muscle without overloading your body with protein. He's been vegan for over twenty years and the muscle he shows on his arms... many body builder would wrongly assume he's having a ton of protein. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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My Next Fitness Challenge: Pull-Ups!

pull-ups photo

Some of you might remember when I was trying to get the proper form for push-ups a few years ago. I never was able to do push-ups as a kid and I finally am able to do them. I think the strength classes I take have helped a lot, along with a lot of practice.

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