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Strength Training Update: Training Hard!

Strength Training Update: Training Hard!

I had my training today and it was another intense workout! He really worked me hard today. I probably sweat gallons, it was a tough workout!

I was doing stair climbing while holding onto a 35 pound bag of sand, three burpees with weights and two bear claws (walking across the floor like a bear), doing these exercises for a total of six minutes. I think I did well getting through his routine 3.33 times.

The next set of exercises were the most difficult! I was not crazy about these exercises at all. I did 10 burpee pull-ups, followed by one set of knee to chest (holding onto a bar and bringing my knees up to my chest). The numbers switched each set… nine burpees followed by two knee to chests, eight burpees followed by three knee to chests, continuing until I got to one burpee and 10 knee to chests.

Are you tired yet? Yes, there's more sets! 20 jumping jacks, 20 inverted rows, 1 walking on wall, .25 mile run on the treadmill followed by 500 meters on the row machine.

Tired yet? We're not done yet! How many pushups, squats, rows and sit-ups could I do in 20 seconds. For the record, I did 10 pushups, 13 squats, 13 rows and 10 sit-ups.

It's a grueling workout but I'm learning a lot. He also changed my exercise for the next couple of weeks. I'll do doing a circuit type strength training five days a week. If this don't give me flat abs, nothing will!

Next time, I'll have my body fat percentage checked. I'm sure it's come down but it wasn't measured today. My trainer wants me down to around 13 percent, so hopefully, I'm getting there.

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Thursday, July 02, 2020

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