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I Lost My Pedometer!

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_0070.JPGI've worn a pedometer everyday for over two years now. I've been getting 10,000 steps a day everyday since then (with the exception of one day when I was sick last year). So you can imagine the panic I felt when I noticed my pedometer was missing!

A while ago, I was writing about possibly giving up the pedometer, but I never did. There were so many challenges that required one, that it's gotten to be such a habit to wear it. Plus, I think it motivates me to make sure I'm moving enough.

I worked out at the Torrington Y earlier this afternoon. I looked at my pedometer before I left the gym and it read 5,500 steps. I have a pocket pedometer so I usually just stick it in my pocket and check it every now and then during the day. When I got home from the Y, I thought I would check for an update of my steps… NO PEDOMETER!!!

I went back to the Y, just when it started to rain. I went inside, soaked from the sudden rain and asked at the front desk if a pedometer was turned in. It wasn't, so I went to retrace my steps in hopes of finding it. I checked by the treadmills, then went to weight room… It wasn't there!

It's a good thing I checked how many steps I had before I lost it! I had to get another pedometer quick! I wanted to make sure I still got my steps in! I went to Walmart and it looked like the pedometer I used for two years now has been discontinued. I didn't see one that interested me. I then went to Target and purchased a New Balance one. Maybe it was the way I programmed it, but the pedometer was not working correctly. Amazingly, my old pedometer showed up. It was just underneath the car seat!

I probably had another 3,000 steps just looking for the pedometer! I know I probably don't need to wear one but it's great for accountability!

I returned the pedometer I had just purchased to Target and continued to get the rest of my steps for the day.

If I want to keep this 10,000 steps a day thing going, I realize now that I need a backup pedometer. I'll shop around to see if I can find one similar to the one I have now.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

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