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It's Been A Year Since I Ate Beef!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fried_Hamburger.jpgYou might be wondering, why would anyone want to give up beef? It's an excellent source of protein and it's such a big part of the American diet.

Well, the problem is that store bought beef is more than likely full ofn growth hormones and antibiotics. I know people say you can have beef from grass fed cows. That's true and I would do that if it weren't for one thing… I don't really miss it.

I know it's been a year since I had beef as I had a burger at a picnic at work exactly one year ago. I remember that they were out of chicken and the only choice left was beef. I was trying to not overdo red meat at that point and had already cut down considerably. I haven't had it since then.

I still eat chicken and turkey but my main calories and nutrients come from plants. I think after reading Dr. Fuhrman's books, and finding out that certain meats could lead to diseases, caused me to lean toward vegetables more than meat. Plus, vegetables can be an excellent source of protein if you eat them in the right combination.

So I don't really miss the beef. I'm not totally set against grass fed beef as I know it's a healthier choice. But I'm amazed that I don't miss the red meat. I used to eat a ton of it… McDonald's burgers, Chinese food, meatball subs, you name it. I'm lucky that I like the taste of the healthier foods! :)

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Monday, June 17, 2019

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