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I Guess Even Healthy People Can Get Sick

I thought because I ate so healthy, I would somehow be immune to the common colds and flus. But as I found out this past Saturday, it doesn't matter how well you eat… you still need to avoid the germs that make people sick.

I appreciate the advice people have given me. I've been having water with finely chopped ginger in it, green tea, drinking lots of water. At least I seem to be feeling a lot better, except for the headache today.

I think healthy eating plays a role in how quickly you recover. Also, interestingly, I didn't lose my appetite. I think that helped give me strength to recover faster. I'm still not 100%, but I'm hoping by mid-week, I will be.

This was the first time that I missed going to the gym in probably a year. I haven't gone for three days. I didn't want to give others the bug I caught.

I still took my dog out so I did get my steps in, but I didn't push myself too hard. I also had to get some groceries.

The "flu" or whatever it was I had, gave me some much needed extra sleep. It also taught me to be more conscious of germs. If you're coughing and sick, skip the gym! I remember seeing somebody sick as a dog last year at the gym and was worried I'd catch something from her. You don't want to make everyone sick around you too!

Stay healthy!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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