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Strength Training Update... Still Working Hard!

IMG_1672-1.jpgI haven't had my body fat checked since the beginning of October. My trainer suggested I wait two months before I have it tested again. The last time it was checked, it was at 13.24 percent. I'm hoping it will be lower when I have it checked again in the first week of December.

I've been continuing my strength training, working out five times a week. My weight was expected to drop a few pounds, in order to get to a lower percentage. My waist size has gone down to around 32, which means I've achieved the same weight as high school. I tried on a few pairs of 32 pants, one fit but the other one didn't. I still fit into size 34 so I don't have to buy new clothes.  I can't believe that I could fit into size 44, it just amazes me when I look at those pants! I keep them as a reminder of how far I've come.

So what kinds of exercises have I been doing? Pushups and ab exercises 5 days a week, chest, biceps, triceps and back 3 days a week and legs 2 days a week. My trainer has me working out on the machines to mix up my workout routines. The longer you stay with one type of workout, the more your body gets used to it. Once it gets used to it, the less effective the exercise is.

I'm anxious to know what my body fat percentage is. I'll let you know the numbers when I have it measured. Here's a few updated photos that hopefully show the progress in my arms. I think my abs are looking somewhat tighter too!


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Monday, June 24, 2019

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