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Strength Training Update: Still Sculpting My Abs!

I saw my trainer on Monday and he gave me some new exercises to do, all with dumbbell weights. He didn't check my body fat this time around, so hopefully there's a big difference when he checks in three weeks.

My weight is still dropping, which he told me would happen as I continue to train. I am now down to 207.2 pounds. This is the lowest my weight has been ever as an adult. Even in college I was a few pounds heavier, around 218 pounds. For those of you that worry that it's too low of a weight, please note that my BMI still says I'm overweight. I don't pay much attention to BMI but bring it up for those that say "don't lose too much weight". My BMI is at 25.9, which I'm more than happy with. I'm just letting my weight do what it wants to do while I train and eat healthy.

My trainer told me not to focus on the weight and keep doing the weight training and that's exactly what I'm doing. I notice my arms are stronger, shoulders are getting defined and the abs have less skin. The love handles are barely noticeable now, in comparison to a few months ago. I know I'm working hard, so there should be a difference.

I'm still taking the MSM powder too. As my previous article stated, MSM powder helps the skin generate collagen, which is essential for tightening the abs. I take about 2 - 3 tablespoons a day. It tastes bad, but if it works, I'm willing to take it!

Here's some pictures of my arms and abs. I'll update my body fat percentage once my trainer checks it again in a few weeks!


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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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