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My Next Fitness Challenge: Pull-Ups!

pull-ups photo

Some of you might remember when I was trying to get the proper form for push-ups a few years ago. I never was able to do push-ups as a kid and I finally am able to do them. I think the strength classes I take have helped a lot, along with a lot of practice.

Today, after meeting with my trainer, I realize I need to learn how to do a pull-up without assistance. A pull-up requires a lot of upper body strength and I'm still to there yet. I am still using the assisted pull-up machine, after trying multiple times and giving up on regular pull-ups.

I was researching online on ways to improve the pull-ups. I plan to try a negative pull-up. I was reading that these might be a great way to train your body to do them properly and build strength. There's a video on how to do pull-ups by clicking here.

Another cool video demonstrates how to build up the pull-ups and chin-ups for those who can't do them. I might try incorporating this workout as I think it will get results. This video instructs how to do these exercises in phases. For those who are wondering, pul-ups and chin-ups, although similar, have a slightly different technique. The video demonstrates how they differ from each other.

I know my strength will increase once I'm able to do the pull-ups without assistance. I'll keep practicing and will update soon on how it's going. If I can do the proper push-up, I'm sure I'll have no problem mastering the pull-up.

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