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Strength Training Update... Working Hard To Gain Muscle!

Strength Training Update... Working Hard To Gain Muscle!

I haven't posted an update for a while as I haven't gotten my body fat checked since the spring. The last time I had it checked, it was around 10.38 percent. I imagine I'm in the same range but hope to have it checked when school starts back up again. I have it checked at Southern CT State University, but they don't test over the summer.

I have been working hard though. Despite taking a vacation this summer, where I didn't do any weight exercise for over a week, I notice I am getting stronger. I'm still trying to get bigger muscles in my arms as the loose skin would fill in nicely with more muscle. Also, I wouldn't mind more muscle in my chest and legs, but they are progressing nicely.

My abs are coming along too. I know they will never truly be flat, but I can hide the little pouch and no one would ever be able to tell I once had a big belly. It would be nice to have more abdominal muscles show through though, which is why I'm doing so many abdominal exercises after my workouts.

My routine is still 5 days a week of strength training, focusing on different muscle groups so that I'm not working out the same muscles every day.

I also plan on seeing a nutritionist sometime to find out the exact amount of protein and foods to eat for muscle building. I don't want to overload my body with meat to get more muscle.

I'll keep you posted when I have my body fat checked again. I think it's in the same range but I won't know for sure until it's tested again.

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