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If There's One Thing I'm Happy About With The Loose Skin, It's This...

I did a consultation last week for an abdominoplasty. I am 90 percent sure I want to do the procedure, however this first doctor did not impress me. He didn't have any before or after pictures of past procedures. I also don't think he had any experience doing male abdominoplasties, based on his conversation. I've got five more consultations coming up in the next few weeks, with doctors that have great reviews. I look forward to hearing what they have to say.

I was thinking that there is one thing that was actually good about my loose abdominal skin... it pushed me to go plant based. I'm sure I would have eventually anyway, but my quest for a tighter belly led me to start eating as clean as I possibly could. My thinking was if anything could cure my skin, it would be the healthy veggies and fruit.

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