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You Burn More Calories In The Cold… Who Cares?

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of talk in the news about how people burn more calories when it's cold outside. Is it me, or is this a ridiculous thing to report when it's like 10 degrees outside?

b2ap3_thumbnail_winter.jpgImagine someone going outside in this freezing cold weather, and risk getting frost bit just for the sake of burning more calories? I'd rather stay warm… this cold weather is just too much to handle. I still don't know how people jump in the water in extreme cold or how people run outside in the extreme cold. I give you a lot of credit if you're able to!

I have to bundle up in all the extra clothes just to take my dog out. I miss walking outside… I haven't been able to walk during lunch at work either. It's really a challenge trying to figure out how to get my steps in.

I usually walk a few times around some stores when I shop, plus walk the treadmills at the gym, etc. I still get my steps in, but the winter really makes it difficult.

And then when it snows, sometimes it's not possible to get to the gym. I'm not a skier, so I'd rather not have to deal with snow. To all you skiers in CT, are you able to ski in this extreme cold weather?

Personally, I can't wait until it warms up again! Then I can again walk at work and take my dog for his long walk.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and stay safe!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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