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Raw For A Reason

In less than two days, I will start the 7 day raw food challenge with my friend Ian Myers, who is hosting a Facebook group with instructions of what food to eat. I'm looking forward to it as I enjoy challenges and I know many people have told me how great they feel afterwards.

But the real reason to try raw? I keep trying different things to tighten my abs after weight loss. I would never do surgery to remove the skin, so the only options are to eat clean, keep on working out and hope that in time, my abs get better.

It may be a losing batter to have flat abs but I don't care. My belly keeps me motivated to try new challenges and keeps me working out.

Currently, I have very little processed food. The only food considered processed is the Suzie's Thin Cakes I eat daily (only ingredients are corn, quinoa sesame seeds and salt). Obviously, I won't being having any thin cakes in the upcoming week! Other than the thin cakes, I also have a small amount of a pomegranate dressing that I get at Whole Foods. It's oil free and very few ingredients, plus low in sodium.

Another difference in this challenge compared to how I eat now... no grains for 7 days! I wrote previously how I will miss the oatmeal, but I also have quinoa every day. I'm really going to miss those foods for a week.

I don't know if I can feel much better than I already do. I feel like I'm in top shape now, never have heart burn, have lots of energy, rarely get colds, etc. But Ian thinks I will notice a difference... we shall see. I'm actually more interested if the challenge will help my belly. I still feel like there's fat trapped in there, which is why it hasn't flattened. When I had my body fat percentage checked last year, they said there was still fat to be lost in that area too. So, who know, maybe this will be the prescription to have better abs!

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