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Personal Training Update... New Exercises, Weight Down

b2ap3_thumbnail_wrkout.jpgI'm choosing a non-surgical way to tighten my abs and it's going to take work. Today, I did a Power Pump class at the Y. I started this class a few weeks ago, at the recommendation of my trainer. The class is great because I learn so many new exercises each week and get a great workout in.

After the class, I had my personal training session. My trainer went over my weight and checked my BMI. The scale has been reading between 208 to 209 pounds. My BMI is at 26 so there is some room for the weight to go down, as anything over 25 is considered overweight anyway. My body fat will be measured during my next session, which isn't until March. 

M trainer modified my exercise routine. Some of these exercises are new, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm doing pushups with the TRX bands holding my feet off the ground. This is not such an easy task, especially trying to get my feet in the bands! Then, mountain climbers with my feet still in the TRX bands. The rest of the exercises I'm used to, like the lateral lunges, shoulder exercises, bicep curls, chest press, etc. Also, instead of the treadmill, he wants me to use the elliptical for a while.

One thing I definitely agree with, was when my trainer said to not focus on the number on the scale. I think people do get caught up in what the number says, which is ridiculous, as the numbers do go up and down one or two pounds each day. You can drive yourself crazy checking ithe scale too much.

Most people want their weight to keep going down but I'm different. I obsess that my weight will get too low. The last thing I want to hear is "you're getting too skinny"! As you know from a recent post, this isn't my goal!

As long as I keep eating clean and keep my calories around 2500, I should reach my goal in no time. Amazingly, I'm rarely hungry, as I eat every couple hours.

Sometimes I think about how I should have done the strength training while I was losing the weight a few years ago. I never knew about loose skin back then, so I had no idea it would be such an issue. But I'm working on it and I plan to hit the beach with tight abs this summer!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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