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It's Official, I'm Signed Up For A Half Marathon

As many of you probably know, I've been blogging about doing a half marathon this year. A few weeks ago, I finally signed up for the half marathon in Fairfield, CT on June 2nd.

I am excited about doing it, although I haven't yet did a run for 13 miles. The furthest I've ever run was last year, when I did a 10K at the Litchfield Hills Road Race. For that race, I came in at like 1:17. I always strive better but I was happy with this time, considering it was my first 10K.

I took a break from running after the race last year, wanting to focus on muscle building. But I got the fever again. I wanted to run. I was also part of the Missing Chins Run Club, a secret Facebook group with some awesome inspirational plant based runners in it, including Josh LaJaunie, who started the group. Josh lost 200 pounds by running and switching to a plant based diet.

After reading all the success stories, and knowing that I do love to run, I decided I wanted to try a half marathon. I have been training for the past few months. I am now doing 5.5 mile runs outside, hoping to increase the mileage tomorrow. I am going up in crements until I reach 12 miles before the half marathon.

I'm getting decent speeds. For example, today on the treadmill, I ran for a half an hour and did nearly 4 miles in that time. I was getting soaked with sweat but it felt good to achieve the speed. I just don't know if I can sustain such a speed outside for 13 miles. We shall see!

My time outside last week was probably 8-10 minutes per mile. My goal is to do the half marathon at under 2 hours if possible.

Plus, I'm doing this as a 100 percent plant based athlete. I plan to wear my vegan gear that day. I want others to know what you can achieve by giving up animal products. I want others to know the amount of energy you will have, the health you will gai, the weight you will lose and the muscle you will build.

The half marathon means a lot to me. I feel like I have something to prove where I live... that vegan runners not only survive, but thrive! 

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