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If You Have A New Year's Resolution, Time To Workout!

If You Have A New Year's Resolution, Time To Workout!

It's that time of year when so many people decide to make a commitment toward losing weight. Unfortunately, most fail when it comes to keeping their resolutions. I don't know if it's because their expectations are too high or they are unprepared for the amount of work it takes to get healthy.

For those that are ready to start working out at the beginning of the year, I don't understand why so many fitness centers are closed on New Year's Day. I know it should be closed on Christmas day, totally understandable, but why on New Year's Day?

This is the time of the year when it's crucial for fitness centers to be open. I know gym memberships always go up this time of year. And then it levels off a few weeks later.

There were a few gyms open, notably the Greater Waterbury YMCA. They were packed today, so I know a lot of people wanted to workout at the beginning of the year. I know I managed to get my workout in!

I hope those of you who have resolutions to lose weight will continue on your journey to better health. Try not to give up as it's not easy at first. It does get easier over time though and then you will want to keep going, especially after you see the positive results, like weight loss and improved health.

So many resolutions fail and I think it's because people expect quick results. Weight loss, at least for me, came after I made a commitment to eating better and working out, and it wasn't a resolution. So don't get discouraged if your resolution fails. Keep trying and don't put off your health!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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