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Getting Enough Protein During Workouts

365 Pea Protein PowderMy trainer reminded me of the importance of getting enough protein when I had my training session today. I do think I get enough, even when I'm vegan most days of the week.

Recently, I changed my protein powder, based on advice from Dr. Fuhrman. He mentioned during a recent interview that many protein powders have unnecessary vitamins and ingredients that aren't needed. I know I don't need protein powders with the smoothies I make, but still I worry that I'm not getting enough protein without it.

So I found what I think is a good solution... a powder at Whole Foods, and the only ingredient is yellow peas. It's 14 grams of protein made out of peas only, which I mix in with the other veggies like kale, watercress, cucumbers, etc. This way, I can ensure that I'm getting plenty of protein. I sweeten the smoothies with healthy fruit like pineapple and pomegranate. I also use cocoa powder, which is also a good protein source. This gives me more than enough protein without hidden ingredients of things that I can't pronounce!

I may want to build muscle but I don't want to compromise health by using protein powders that could cause health issues. I know I'd never want to use whey. So many body builders use whey on a daily basis, but this never digested too well for me. I feel much healthier with the pea protein.

Also, aside from the smoothies, I do get plenty of protein from the nuts, seeds, beans, broccoli and spinach that I eat daily, among many other foods.

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