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Everybody Needs A Vacation From Working Out Once In A While

Everybody Needs A Vacation From Working Out Once In A While

I workout hard, 5 days a week, I do cardio, weight lifting, exercise classes, etc. It can get grueling but it gets results too. But with that kind of schedule, you can get burned out too, and that's when injuries happen and you aren't getting your best workouts in.

The last time I took a vacation, my trainer thought I was crazy to workout during vacation. He said a vacation is a time to get away from everything, not just work. So I took his advice this year.

Recently, I went on vacation. Other years, when on vacation, I would locate a YMCA nearby wherever I was staying. This year, I thought I needed a break from working out for a change.

I think everyone needs a chance to refuel. I don't want to get burned out and I figured since I'm on vacation, why stress about working out?

I felt guilty about missing my workouts but slept really good and had a lot of relaxation for a change.

As you know from past articles, I'll get right back into working out again once I'm back.

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