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I met with my trainer today and he did the measurements with the calipers. He also checked my weight and that is now 207 pounds. No need to worry that the weight is getting low, it's still considered overweight even though I'm obviously not!

So the numbers did come down and I do have more muscle! My abs came down 2mm and my chest did as well. My body fat percentage is now 12.2, closer than ever to my goal of 10 percent! Last time he checked, my percentage was at 13.34, so he was really impressed!

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Here's part 2 of the interview with Philip McCluskey, the former CT resident that has become well known nationally after losing over 200 pounds and becoming a vegan. Click here to check out part 1, if you haven't already done so.

Philip offers some insight on protein and how he thinks it's a myth that more protein is better. I now there's a lot of conflicting information out there as to how much to have, so check out Philip's view on the subject.

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We've all heard that protein is important, especially to bodybuilders. What many people disagree on is the amount of protein that people need each day.

My trainer wants me to have 200 grams per day. So many people have been telling me that it's a high amount. II've heard comments that you shouldn't overload your body with too much meat. Being a vegan is an alternative, but it's difficult to maintain such a lifestyle. A website I stumbled upon recently focuses on body builders that are vegan and they have a lot of muscle! I do have some turkey most days, but most of my protein sources are plant based. I have a pea protein powder, almond butter, peanut butter, quinoa, broccoli, spinach, kale and a flax quinoa bread that has lots of protein.

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I saw my trainer on Monday and he gave me some new exercises to do, all with dumbbell weights. He didn't check my body fat this time around, so hopefully there's a big difference when he checks in three weeks.

My weight is still dropping, which he told me would happen as I continue to train. I am now down to 207.2 pounds. This is the lowest my weight has been ever as an adult. Even in college I was a few pounds heavier, around 218 pounds. For those of you that worry that it's too low of a weight, please note that my BMI still says I'm overweight. I don't pay much attention to BMI but bring it up for those that say "don't lose too much weight". My BMI is at 25.9, which I'm more than happy with. I'm just letting my weight do what it wants to do while I train and eat healthy.

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I spoke about the benefits of MSM powder a few days ago. I found out about the product from a video Philip McCluskey posted on YouTube. I wanted to try the product myself to see if what he claims is true, that it would help tighten my loose skin. So far, I'm very happy with the results, although I still have a way to go.

Philip McCluskey is a native of Danbury, CT. He once weighed in at 400 pounds and was on the verge of gastric bypass surgery. After many failed attempts at losing weight, he finally decided to try a vegan lifestyle. This is what eventually helped him to lose 215 pounds. He became nationally known and has been on many TV shows, including "The Doctors", a TV infomercial with Jack LaLaine, among many other appearances. He is also the author of many books, including "Raw Food Juice Bar", among others. Check out his website by clicking here.

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A few months ago, I was researching on ideas to tighten my loose skin around my abs. I came across a video by Philip McCluskey about the benefits of  using MSM powder for tightening skin. Philip is an expert on weight loss as he lost over 200 pounds and has little, if any, loose skin. Check out his video when you get a chance to see how MSM, along with a few other ideas, helped him to tighten his skin. He is also co founder of Vimergy, a company that sells a variety of herbs.

I had never heard of MSM before and decided to do some more research on the subject. I found out that aside from tightening the skin, MSM helps with arthritis, wrinkles, improves flexibility, strengthens hair and nails, accelerates healing and detoxifies the body. Another benefit for body builders is that MSM can help clear away lactic acid after workouts. After reading all that MSM does, I decided to purchase a small bottle to see if it would make a difference in my abs as I continue my workout routine.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_wrkout.jpgI'm choosing a non-surgical way to tighten my abs and it's going to take work. Today, I did a Power Pump class at the Y. I started this class a few weeks ago, at the recommendation of my trainer. The class is great because I learn so many new exercises each week and get a great workout in.

After the class, I had my personal training session. My trainer went over my weight and checked my BMI. The scale has been reading between 208 to 209 pounds. My BMI is at 26 so there is some room for the weight to go down, as anything over 25 is considered overweight anyway. My body fat will be measured during my next session, which isn't until March. 

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I know a lot of people are beginning to shovel the huge mounds of snow, especially in eastern Connecticut. I thought I'd remind everyone to stay safe this winter and make sure you use common sense when shoveling.

Remember to take short breaks, don't do too much at once and don't lift too heavy, especially if you are not used to lifting. Remember that snow can get very heavy! Make sure to lift with your legs, not your back.

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