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Shred It Challenge... Week 3 Update Muscle Growth!

I just finished week 3 of the Shred It vegan muscle building challenge. This is based on the Shred It book by Robert Cheeke.

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Shred It... A 13 Week Challenge

I am still working on my pull-ups, but that challenge will coincide with a 13 week challenge that I started last week for Shred It.

Shred It is the name of Robert Cheeke's book and companion workout journal. Cheeke is a whole food, plant based body builder who proves that you can build muscle without overloading your body with protein. He's been vegan for over twenty years and the muscle he shows on his arms... many body builder would wrongly assume he's having a ton of protein. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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My Next Fitness Challenge: Pull-Ups!

pull-ups photo

Some of you might remember when I was trying to get the proper form for push-ups a few years ago. I never was able to do push-ups as a kid and I finally am able to do them. I think the strength classes I take have helped a lot, along with a lot of practice.

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Strength Training Update... Working Hard To Gain Muscle!

Strength Training Update... Working Hard To Gain Muscle!

I haven't posted an update for a while as I haven't gotten my body fat checked since the spring. The last time I had it checked, it was around 10.38 percent. I imagine I'm in the same range but hope to have it checked when school starts back up again. I have it checked at Southern CT State University, but they don't test over the summer.

I have been working hard though. Despite taking a vacation this summer, where I didn't do any weight exercise for over a week, I notice I am getting stronger. I'm still trying to get bigger muscles in my arms as the loose skin would fill in nicely with more muscle. Also, I wouldn't mind more muscle in my chest and legs, but they are progressing nicely.

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It Might Be Illegal To Raise A Vegan Child In Italy

It Might Be Illegal To Raise A Vegan Child In Italy

Yes, you read that correctly... The legislation, as proposed by Forza Italia member Elvira Savino, would see sentences of up to four years for parents of children whose diets are vegan.

This should be troubling to anyone, not just vegans. It's one thing if someone is malnourished, but for government to interfere with a diet that millions and millions of people are following s just wrong. It would be as ridiculous as someone outlawing the Paleo diet, or gluten free diets, or whatever.

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