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Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Author of "The End of Heart Disease"

Can proper nutrition put an end to heart disease?

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Dr. Fuhrman - Author of The End of Heart Disease

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Everybody Needs A Vacation From Working Out Once In A While

Everybody Needs A Vacation From Working Out Once In A While

I workout hard, 5 days a week, I do cardio, weight lifting, exercise classes, etc. It can get grueling but it gets results too. But with that kind of schedule, you can get burned out too, and that's when injuries happen and you aren't getting your best workouts in.

The last time I took a vacation, my trainer thought I was crazy to workout during vacation. He said a vacation is a time to get away from everything, not just work. So I took his advice this year.

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Nutritarian... A Way To Eat A Lot And Maintain Weight

Isalad love food and have a big appetite. This was part of the reason I was so obese just a few short years ago. Excessive eating of candy, bread and processed foods caused my weight to balloon to over 350 pounds.

I was like many of you... I thought I could exercise my way to a healthier weight. I walked the treadmill, sometimes 40 minutes with knees that were sore from the excess weight. I took swim classes because I heard that swimming was a good way to lose weight. I didn't exercise as consistently then, but still, I did try, only to discover, you just can't lose weight by not changing your eating habits.

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Getting Enough Protein During Workouts

365 Pea Protein PowderMy trainer reminded me of the importance of getting enough protein when I had my training session today. I do think I get enough, even when I'm vegan most days of the week.

Recently, I changed my protein powder, based on advice from Dr. Fuhrman. He mentioned during a recent interview that many protein powders have unnecessary vitamins and ingredients that aren't needed. I know I don't need protein powders with the smoothies I make, but still I worry that I'm not getting enough protein without it.

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I Never Realized How Important Vitamin B12 Really Is

It was such a good learning experience when I interviewed Dr. Joel Fuhrman last month. For those of you who didn't have a chance read the interview.

A crucial part of the interview for me was about the importance of Vitamin B12

During the interview, one of the questions I asked Dr. Fuhrman about was vitamin B12, and was there any way to get this important nutrient from plants. His answer surprised me, as I never realized all the problems that can happen without the vitamin. Did you know it can cause mental disorders, nerve problems, tremors and memory loss? Plus, I didn't know that B12 cannot accumulate in your body to use at a later time. I thought that as a flexitarian (someone who's vegan most days a week with only a few days of animal products), I could get away with having animal products a few times a week and that would be sufficient supply of vitamin B12. Apparently, that's not the case.

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Can proper nutrition put an end to heart disease? Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Can proper nutrition put an end to heart disease? Interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

I had the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Joel Fuhrman recently. In case you don't know, Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally known doctor who specializes in nutrition. He's been featured on Dr. Oz numerous times, he's written 10 books, most of which have been on the New York Times best sellers lists. He's also had a few PBS specials, including one set to air on June 4th.

Dr. Fuhrman is the founder of the Nutritarian "diet" (more like a "lifestyle change") that thousands of people have followed, including myself. As Nutritarians, many people have successfully reversed the effects of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Of course, most of them have lost a significant amount of weight too. His latest book is called The End of Heart Disease and I think it's his best book yet.

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