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I Am Rewriting My Story

I got this shirt from Dr. Mondo the other day. I am set to be on his show again in a few weeks.

I think this is an awesome shirt. I'm sure all of us struggle with at least a few of the items listed in it. Formerly obese people like myself still struggle with some of these items.

One of the lines that stuck out for me is the one that says “I am not defined by the number on the scale.” As I was losing weight, as much as it was about health, the number was important. I was in quite a few weight loss challenges and they all focused on the number on the scale. After I transitioned to strength training and cutting down on the cardio, I eventually stopped caring about the number. I know my weight will stay in the same range by the way I eat and exercise. I don”t even have to think about how many calories are in food because I primarily eat whole food plant based.

Another line that struck me was “I Am Worthy”. There was a time when I was obese that I did not feel worthy. I felt like every attempt at losing weight was useless as I would just gain it back. When I looked in the mirror, I felt as if I wasn’t worthy. I felt isolated when I was obese and not sure where to turn. As I lost the weight, I got more healthy friends and felt that I was worthy. I realized that I can help others with their weight loss and again that reinforced feeling worthy.

My favorite line in the shirt is “I Am Stronger”! After my abdominoplasty, I felt I was losing strength. I wasn’t able to work out for over a month. But I came to realize that it takes a great deal of strength to go through an abdominoplasty. Surgery was scary to me as I never had surgery with anesthesia since I was 5 years old. I found the strength as I knew the skin was irritating, I knew it wouldn't get any better and I knew I could do this.

The last line of the shirt pretty much sums up what myself and countless other people are doing... we are rewriting our stories... I have so many goals and I don’t intend to slow down. I want to educate others on healthy eating. I might go back to school, maybe take a few courses... I’m not sure yet, but I’m rewriting my story so who knows. Another big rewrite is my intention of becoming a vegan bodybilder. I was never into lifting weights as a teen. I lost weight doing strictly cardio when I lost the weight. Who ever thought I would get into body building? And who ever thought I would be a vegan... that is a huge rewrite right there... someone who used to crave red meat and ate fast food every day.

But I enjoy the challenge of this journey. I enjoy the people I meet both online and my workout friends. I enjoy teaching others how to improve their diets. If there's one line I would add to the shirt is “I Am A Hard Worker” which I think describes how I intend to reach my goals.

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